Below are instructions and a download that will help you view
 Philip Helton' s Web Site the best!!

To View Philip's site correctly please change your resolution
 by doing the following:
1. On your desktop click the "My Computer" icon
2. Then click on the "Control Panel" icon
3. Then click on the "Display" icon
4. Now click on the tab that reads "Settings"
5. In the box you will see "Screen Area" and below that will be a slide bar, use your mouse to move the slide bar button to the left or right until you see "800 x 600 pixels"
5. Now press apply and then OK & close everything out & then fully enjoy!!!!

By clicking the icon below you will be taken to a site where you can safely download Microsoft Internet Explorer

  Click Here to Download!

Please always feel free to e-mail Philip's Webmaster
 whenever you are in need!!


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